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polySICK'EDs!! [June 14th|1.44am]
[ mood | Elated ]

Polysics were SICK last night!! (^o^)
Offically the BEST GIG OF MY LIFE
I know I say that after every gig.. (^^;;)
..but last night truly was AMAZING!

+in the best possible company

I'm so so so so happy after last night! (^___^) The setlist was perfect and the band put on such a terrific show! They all played with such enthusiasm that I find so typical of every Japanese band I got to see :P ~hehe +It's just so cute how much they bop around the stage, yell enthusiastically and attempt to make conversation with the croud using what little English they know XD ~haha.

&THIS MAN, Hiroyuki Hayashi, has offically taken the top spot for a place as my future husband (*____*)
Ooooh~the buffness of this man is almost impossible to comprehend! <3
I was stood right at the front of the crowd the entire time!! And, boy, was that an experience. Touching the arm/face/leg/guitar&chest of Hiroyuki is something I'll never forget (x____x) ...that, and being practically crushed to a pulp by a billion fat moshers! hahaha. I've got bruises the size of boulders all down my tighs and knees ~ouchie!~ all of which were TOTALLY worth it! {battlescars=opportunity to show off XD ~haha}

I must say, I'm truly satisfied on the gig-frontage to last me at least another month or so :P Spazzing out to BABY BIAS while being rained on with the sweat of others is something I certainly look forward to doing again (^o^!!) ~CHIN CHIN

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